Strategic Planning

We provide a seven-step blueprint to install Strategic Planning as an integral part of the management process:

  1. Establishing the Planning Team
        How the team works together
        The role of the CEO and the facilitator
  2. Preparing the Current State Assessment
        Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
  3. Setting out the Strategic groundwork
        Vision, Mission, Values
  4. Identifying the Key Success Factors
        4-5 critical areas to focus on
  5. Developing Three-Year-Objectives
        4-5 objectives for each Key Success Factor
  6. Listing Short-term Corporate Goals
        for each Three-year Objective
  7. Assigning Individual Accountabilities
        for the short-term goals

Our 7-step approach ensures that members of the organization are working toward the same objectives through the linking of the short-term individual goals to the long-range corporate strategy. We also help with making Strategic Planning a continuing process that responds to competitive markets and changing conditions.

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