Performance Management

Our process will assist you in providing your organization with a pool of talent who are capable of filling the jobs needed to achieve your organization's mission and strategy. The five steps in our process are:

  1. Review Capability of Employees

    We assist you in reviewing all individuals at selected levels in the organization and in identifing those who have the capability to be considered for key jobs.

  2. Define the Organization's Needs

    We work with you to identify key jobs that will need to be filled at selected future points in time. These jobs are based on a consideration of the organization's strategy and the structure that will make the strategy possible.

  3. Identify Jobs that Specific Individuals May be Able to Fill

    This step has two parts. The first is to identify jobs for which potential candidates are sought. The second is to look at the employees who are judged able to move into these jobs and identify one or more possible jobs for these individuals.

  4. Establish Developmental Plans

    We provide you with a process to establish and carry out development plans for the selected individuals that will prepare them for the roles for which they are being considered.

  5. Review the Total Talent Pool

    Information on all employees at specified levels is compiled through the use of tools that we provide you. We work with you to consider the total pool of talent in light of the corporate strategy and to identify any deficiencies or potential problems. Plans are made to deal with these issues from an overall organizational perspective.

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