Performance Management

There are five steps in our comprehensive Performance Management Process:
  1. Managerial Planning

    We assist managers in clarifying what has been given to their unit to do and then provide techniques for planning how to get this work done--doing some of it themselves, getting help from subordinates, or delegating tasks fully to subordinates.

  2. Context Setting

    We work with managers to enhance their skills in setting context for their subordinates, both for all of their subordinates on a regular basis and for each employee when assigning a task. Setting clear context enables employees to get on with their work and enhances everyone's productivity and job satisfaction.

  3. Assigning Tasks

    We help managers prepare clear task assignments and set performance expectations by specifying the quantity, quality, resources available, and by when the task is to be completed.

  4. Giving Feedback and Coaching

    We provide feedback and coaching techniques since all employees need to know how well they have done and how to make improvements and grow in the job.

  5. Appraising Performance

    We educate managers in a variety of techniques that enable them to provide regular informal reviews of employees' performance and formal annual appraisals as required by the organization.

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