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Requisite Organization Associates consulting services and materials are derived from the work of Dr. Elliott Jaques in his science-based comprehensive management system called Requisite Organization.

Requisite Organization Associates offers
E-Learning modules at no cost

A long-term client, Novus International, has made educational material developed for that company available at no cost through this website. Four e-learning modules are now available (more to come) upon request on the topics of Structure, Staffing, Managerial Leadership Practices and Accountability/Authority. These modules are based on content written by Nancy Lee and derived from the work of Dr. Elliott Jaques.

Each module takes about one hour to complete. Exercises relate directly to the employee's present role and assignments. For each topic you will receive the Novus version of the e-learning module to review, the module script in Word and the content on the educational software platform Lectora. You will be able to edit the modules and customize them using Lectora. Click on the link below to download the e-learning material.

Download E-Learning Modules